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If brains are biological computers, why don’t we lag?

You can’t tell me you’ve never walked into a room and forgotten why you’re there or lost a train of thought for a few seconds

Once when I was driving home from school I had a brief moment of panic because I thought I’d forgotten my car at school

About a week ago I was listening to messages as I walked out the door and I started patting my pocket and panicked because it was empty and now I didn’t know where my phone was. 

I can’t count the number of times I thought “Did I forget my phone?” while driving, and listening to Pandora … on my phone through bluetooth.

Today I had to put a deodorant back into the cupboard in the bathroom. I went into the kitchen, realized I wasn’t supposed to put the deodorant in the fridge, so I opened the shoes closet, realized I wasn’t supposed to put the deodorant with the shoes

I once dropped off my car at the garage for service and got a ride home for the day, and thought since I was stuck at home all day until my car was ready, I may as well do something useful like wash and wax the car… I was so confused when I went outside with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and the car wasn’t there…

One time midway into dinner I lost my fork. I was looking around the table, under the table, even under my plate. The fork had been in my hand the entire time.

once i was drinking a soda and got distracted by my phone for a sec and then i looked back at my soda can and for some reason my brain was like: “OH FUCK IT’S UPSIDE-DOWN IT’S GONNA SPILL” and i quickly flipped it over spilling the whole can onto the floor

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